Canine & Equine Massage Therapy LLC


Welcome to the Holistic World for Our Dogs and Horses!

Ever wonder why….
…your dog or horse is trying to nip or scratch at themselves?

…they are rubbing up against you?

…they are upside down, limbs sky-ward and doing the Snoopy dance?

The cause of their actions can be thought of as annoying fleas, bug bites or a rash. However, the deep-rooted condition may be muscle tightness or muscle spasms from normal activities or overuse. Our dogs and horses cannot clearly tell us where they
are feeling discomfort. This discomfort, if untreated, may lead to more serious health problems for our dogs and horses. Canine and Equine Massage Therapy LLC was established to promote the holistic hands-on approach to improving and maintaining the
physical and mental health of our dogs and horses using this non-invasive technique of deep-tissue sports massage.

How does YOUR body feel after a strenuous workout, after carrying heavy items or suddenly moving in an unexpected way?

The bodies of our dogs and horses are no different than ours when it comes to muscles. A muscle is a muscle. The muscles of the body occasionally develop tight spots through normal activity and overuse. When these tight spots form, the body will tend to perform at less than maximum efficiency and display signs of discomfort. If this muscle tightness is not alleviated, overcompensation can occur in other parts of the body with fatigue and potential illness setting in. For instance, shoulder tightness may lead to discomfort in your arm and back muscles and then to your legs. All of this muscle tightness restricts oxygen and blood flow at its maximum levels throughout the body, limiting the body’s flexibility and hindering the elimination of waste and toxins.

How do YOU feel physically and mentally after a massage?

When massage therapy is performed on your dog or horse, the muscle tensions inside them are broken up to allow the flow of oxygen and blood to return at a higher capacity throughout the body. Full-body canine and equine massage therapy assists in returning your four-legged friend to a more physical and mental soundness. Whether you are playing, working or competing with your dog or horse, the process of massage therapy will benefit all involved. Just recall the benefits after YOUR massage!

** Dog and horse massage therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care and is most effective when used as a preventative measure. The massage therapist coordinates with veterinary care in order to bring a much desired Balance to the bodies of your dog and horse. 


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