Canine & Equine Massage Therapy LLC

About us

Who is Canine and Equine Massage Therapy LLC?.

After years in Corporate America, Mike Permuko decided to combine his love of animals with his belief in the benefits of holistic healing. The same calming affect Mike receives in the company of dogs and horses, he wanted to extend back to them.

Mike’s lifetime love of animals and volunteering with Golden Retriever rescue led him to research massage therapy for animals. This research directed him to Equissage, Inc. and Mary Schreiber. He completed the at-home certification course for Canine Massage Therapist (CMT) and spent a week in Round Hill, Virginia to complete his certification for Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT).

Mary Schreiber’s dream is to massage every horse in the world. She knew this would not be physically possible, and founded Equissage to teach others. Mary thanks her students for “being a part of my dream”. With Canine & Equine Massage Therapy LLC, Mike is “spreading the dream” with Mary in mind.

Over the past year, Mike has marveled at the positive difference that occurs from the beginning of the massage session, when the dog or horse have no idea what is happening to the middle-end of the session when they are relaxed and are waiting for more rubs. These positive responses from Mike’s clients have been and will continue to be very rewarding to him. “As you sow so shall you reap.”

Mike is a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT).

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