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Equine Massage Therapy

Equine sports massage therapy promotes and improves the physical and mental health of our horses. This non-invasive technique of massage therapy can enhance the health and performance of our four-legged friends by:

  • relieving stress and tension
  • relaxing muscle spasms
  • encouraging relaxation
  • improving muscle tone
  • improving circulation
  • increasing flexibility and range of motion
  • strengthening the immune system
  • improving rehabilitation after injury
  • enhancing post-operative rehabilitation





  Why massage therapy for my horse?

The equine body is no different than humans when it comes to muscles. A muscle is a muscle. The muscles of the body occasionally develop tight spots through normal activity and overuse. When equine sports massage therapy is utilized, the muscle tensions are broken up to allow the flow of oxygen and blood to return at a higher capacity throughout the body.

What process is utilized in massage therapy for my horse?

This process occurs through the use of eight massage strokes that:

  • open the specific muscle area
  • locate any spasms or discomfort
  • treat the muscle area by breaking up the adhesions
  • close the specific muscle area


This one-hour, full-body equine sports massage will assist your horse in maintaining a more physical and mental soundness and potentially a longer lifespan. Oxygen and blood will be circulating throughout the body creating perfect balance. Whether you are casually riding, working or competing with your horse, the process of massage therapy will benefit all involved.

Where does the massage occur and what happens initially?

The massage can occur in your horse’s stall or in a quiet surrounding outside of the
barn area. Your horse may be a little anxious when the massage process begins but will soon just relax and enjoy the sequence of massage strokes over their body. After my introduction to your horse, I perform an evaluation to determine if there are any hot spots to prepare for and to simulate to your horse the massage sequence. At the end of the one-hour massage session, your horse will request a follow-up session.

What is the cost of a massage session for my horse?

  • $50 per 60-minute Equine Sports Massage Session

                          Gift Certificates are available!

Equine Sports Massage Club Rates are available:

  •     Six    - 60 minute Full-Body Equine Sports Massage    $280
  • Twelve - 60 minute Full-Body Equine Sports Massage    $570

Clinics are available by appointment to demonstrate horse massage therapy. A group of 5 or more is encouraged. Please call for details.


**Horse massage therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care and is most effective when used as a preventative measure. The massage therapist coordinates with your veterinarian in order to bring a much desired Balance to the body of your horse. 











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