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Words can't express the difference in my 8 year old golden retriever from his massages!  My boy was a rescue who came to us at the age of 5 and had been confined to very small quarters and living in the elements all year round.  As his age advanced we worried about him getting arthritis in his hips and his joints aching.  A friend suggested massage therapy for him and what a difference!  He is lively and has a "spring in his step again", in fact he looks forward to seeing his massage therapist pull up as he knows he is in for his special treat!  Thank you again!  Through his bi-monthly massages we know he will be with us for years to come.

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for taking care of my dog.  He is an 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  Before we started massage therapy on him, he was having difficulty getting up and walking.  He is doing much better after therapy and is getting around with ease. 
I must admit, at first I was skeptical about the benefits of massage on a dog, but it seems to have helped him greatly. We will definitely schedule massages in the future and look forward to seeing you again.
Thank you

Mr. Mike, I can't thank you enough for coming to my barn and giving me an awesome massage.  Not only did I have one, but the following week I had another one!  I was getting ready for a big competition to carry my girl over fences and your massage techniques loosened my muscles and made me very relaxed and ready to go!  We did great! Thanks again Mr. Mike for your healing hands. 
- Your Horse Pal, Lucky

I've been retired from racing for many years now, but being the most beautiful hound in the land is still hard work! Massages have helped relieve my aches and pains and I don't need as much arthritis medication. I go on long walks and run around the backyard. 
-Becky  (retired racing greyhound, age 12 1/2)

I've been retired from racing for many years also and then had two litters of pups. It's a real treat when Uncle Mike comes to my house. The arthritis in my shoulders, hips and toes can be painful but after my massages I feel greyt!
-Knotty  (retired racing greyhound and mother, age 12 1/2) 

Hi, I am a beautiful, 7-year old, female German Shepherd. Last year, I started having problems with
my back and hips; it was hard for me to simply stand up and walk at all let alone enjoy my jaunts
around the local park with Poppy. Every Sunday, my mom and dad saw an SUV in the church parking
lot with a logo for “Canine & Equine Massage Therapy LLC”. Unsure what this meant, as fate would
have it, they coincidentally spied a booth with the same logo at a community fair. My parents inquired
about the service, were provided print-outs to read and Mike Permuko, Certified CMT, ESMT – came
into my life. Though I may have been a tad skeptical initially, our first meeting was awesome. Mike
put me right at ease and worked his magic with his amazing hands. If you ask me, our session ended
too soon and as he said his goodbyes, I surely hoped my parents could tell how good I was feeling and
that I would see Mike again. His massage techniques knew all the right moves – opened blood
vessels, reduced stress and needless to say …ahhhhh, what a relaxed mood I was in. Lucky for
me, Mike comes twice a month and I look forward to his visits. Once again, I am enjoying my walks
to the park, running across the field when I see my mom, and playing ball in the backyard – a real
treat. My parents say if you love your pet and they are having problems, consider the benefits of
massage therapy and give Mike a call – I’m so grateful they did this for me!    Sincerely, Abby

We owe many thanks to Mike Permuko, who performs the massages on Abby. We are very pleased
that we pursued this therapy and we have one satisfied dog as living proof. Thanks Mike
 – you’re great!    Fondly, Bob and Royce

Dear Mike,
Thank you for bringing your gifted massage hands and heart to our barn for my Dora. She has been
one very happy mare since you saw her and worked on her. And I am a much happier "mom"
knowing she is feeling better. Dora will look forward to her healing sessions with you each month
and I will follow your "in the meantime" instructions with her every time we are together. Please add
"Kate and Dora" to your list of grateful clients. -Kate

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